christmas mail
also the card (in 2D only)!


the evaporator is a new invention created by my friend CL.
this is part of a new project we are doing about inventions
and the story of the mysterious evaporator is being developed.
If you have awesome inventions ideas and want to play, feel free to contact me.

escape to plastic beach

jump with them all and move it
jump back and forth
and feel like you were there yourself
work it out


sometimes we find ourselves sneaking around from our own selves.

bath time (burning version 1.1)!!

i am reading Thermae Romae by Yamazaki Mari. it's hilarious, check it out!


KHCT to you: hi people!
to you: got some work on my hands so it's been a while since last post!
to you: rushed this one... looks a little weird right?
to self: but the colours are alright... 
to self: I need to unpack the scanner... (drawing on the computer it's not my thing...)


we all used to fly


hi people!! I' ve been busy from relocating...
I am now in Hong Kong which is super cool (because it's my home) but it's super humid and... sticky...
anyways, enjoy!
goodbye London 
it has been... everything


moving in a couple of days, and by the end of the week I'll be somewhere far, far away from London. 
but I'll leave a piece of me right here. 
for when i return.

Star Gazing

Went to see Into the Woods at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park. 
The set was amazing, the characters can come out of the bushes and exit into the trees.
It was Into the Woods in the woods.


Lately had to deal with unrealistic expectations of others..


shed some light
artificial light...

double (complete)

proper noir


a pair of keen eyes

fictional movie poster


it's where thoughts escape


just wanted to share this, the full image of my top banner

Giant Boy Detective

inspired by the giant boy detective novels that Dean reads in Venture Bros.
i think they come back on the air in august. Hooray!


a moon

Okido makes me so happy

I've just finished some work for the coming issue for Okido (to be release this July). 
I have not posted anything about about my other works before... 
my work on Okido is such a different style....

Anyways I've been contributing to Okido Magazine for nearly 2 years now and it makes be so happy every time I get to work with them!!

*the above image is not me work, it's the cover of the current issue

paisley head

why haven't i seen paisley pattern on flooring?
looks good, no?


need to breath. 
super busy this and the coming week...


I couldn't think of the name for the moving walkway, so I looked it up on wikipedia and there are about 20 names for it. 
The most awesome of which includes automated people mover and traveling floor machine.
So I made up my own name for it and came up with - flatscalator.
I think I'm going to stick with mine.

and also colours this time!! enjoy!


snake girl!! for this week's illustration friday. 

birdemic poster

birdemic poster design competition entry
had a lot of fun doing this.

it's always too early

first time experimenting with colour with this style.

daniel clowes and chris ware

last night i went to a special talk with daniel clowes and chris ware, hosted by audrey niffenegger.  it was special, i mean how often do you get a chance to meet 2 of your favorite cartoonist in the first comic related event you ever attended?!?

the 3 artists started the evening with a surprisingly short half hour chat and followed by questions from the audience. the whole experience was mind opening to say the least. it seems that the greatest ability of both dan and chris; aside form that of being able to create engaging stories and remarkable art works; was that of their incredible memories. they both talked about the importance of using what they observed, remembered from their everyday and past lives in their works.

i bought a copy of 'wilson' for dan to sign, although i would love a signed copy of ghost world. but if it was a copy of 'ghost world', it would have to be the scruffy copy from the csm library that i checked out excessively; or the dvd which i played obsessively while i worked during those school years.

it was was great evening, amazing weather; inspiring talks form dan, chris and audrey; London; and two compliments about the t-shirt i was wearing. one of them was dan (grin).

a dream

saw this vision in a dream a couple of weeks ago when 
i was having a cold. 
it was very vivid. i only dream like this when i am ill.
here's a sketch i made as soon as i woke up that day.


left this one unfinished but i like it the way it is.
it's some sort of telekinetic machine?


it's a bit abstract i'm afraid.


another for IF

A bright star ahead

for this week's illustration friday

Detectives at work

There's a fine line between professionals and morons.