daniel clowes and chris ware

last night i went to a special talk with daniel clowes and chris ware, hosted by audrey niffenegger.  it was special, i mean how often do you get a chance to meet 2 of your favorite cartoonist in the first comic related event you ever attended?!?

the 3 artists started the evening with a surprisingly short half hour chat and followed by questions from the audience. the whole experience was mind opening to say the least. it seems that the greatest ability of both dan and chris; aside form that of being able to create engaging stories and remarkable art works; was that of their incredible memories. they both talked about the importance of using what they observed, remembered from their everyday and past lives in their works.

i bought a copy of 'wilson' for dan to sign, although i would love a signed copy of ghost world. but if it was a copy of 'ghost world', it would have to be the scruffy copy from the csm library that i checked out excessively; or the dvd which i played obsessively while i worked during those school years.

it was was great evening, amazing weather; inspiring talks form dan, chris and audrey; London; and two compliments about the t-shirt i was wearing. one of them was dan (grin).