Star Gazing

Went to see Into the Woods at the Open Air Theatre in Regent's Park. 
The set was amazing, the characters can come out of the bushes and exit into the trees.
It was Into the Woods in the woods.


whiteoctopus said...

This is great! I really like your b&w illos but I love that you added color to this. And I had to laugh at "dog." :)

khct said...

It's supposed to be Jack's all white cow, Milky White form Jack and the Bean Stalk.
I knew I couldn't get that across, even with the cow bell on its neck!! My bad, hahaha!!
Thanks for the comment!

amba said...

your characters have a lot of personality, how good! the color works very well!

poppylocke said...

Cool stuff! I love the characters and their tiny feet! Also the design of the trees works really well