Okido makes me so happy

I've just finished some work for the coming issue for Okido (to be release this July). 
I have not posted anything about about my other works before... 
my work on Okido is such a different style....

Anyways I've been contributing to Okido Magazine for nearly 2 years now and it makes be so happy every time I get to work with them!!

*the above image is not me work, it's the cover of the current issue

paisley head

why haven't i seen paisley pattern on flooring?
looks good, no?


need to breath. 
super busy this and the coming week...


I couldn't think of the name for the moving walkway, so I looked it up on wikipedia and there are about 20 names for it. 
The most awesome of which includes automated people mover and traveling floor machine.
So I made up my own name for it and came up with - flatscalator.
I think I'm going to stick with mine.

and also colours this time!! enjoy!


snake girl!! for this week's illustration friday.