Merry Merry

Hey everybody!

I haven't posted anything for about 6 months. 

I have been drawing but i held off from posting them, some project got put on hold and others fell through. I also wanted to make a website but hadn't have the time or the concentration. Hopefully i'll get it together and update soon.

Anyways here's something i do want to post. I made a gif for and you can click on the link and send it to your loved ones! I hope you like it!

Also i'll probably hang out here more in the coming year.

Stay warm, have a Merry Xmas and great holiday!!





i like walking

Soaked 0.75

sorry for the terrible sequencing
i am making it up as i go along i guess...

Soaked 0.5

soaked 00

soaked 01


job is making me numb all over

also this is me starting something new
hopefully more regular update soon

: )