i like walking

Soaked 0.75

sorry for the terrible sequencing
i am making it up as i go along i guess...

Soaked 0.5

soaked 00

soaked 01


job is making me numb all over

also this is me starting something new
hopefully more regular update soon

: )

it's so not over

btw it's work in progress so bear with me!


ts are for toys


lady of oil!


so i haven't done a drawing in like two months, so i am ashamed of myself and i need to reboot so to speak. and I did something kind of weird, but only because i know you get me.
don't you?

year of the rabbit

to all cheeky bunnies, it's chinese new year!
this year is the year of the rabbit, and here's something i've been working on, so check it out!

for those who of you who needs translation,the greeting at the end 步步高昇, means to rise with every step, wishing you achieve your goal with every step you take.


my other resolution is to do some comics
my other other resolution is to do some typography
even though i'm not very good at it 


thanks to everyone for a great year
happy new year